A number of wide-reaching piloting and development projects of smart city technologies are currently being conducted in the city of Tampere. Data is being collected from various sources for the use and benefit of locals and the city alike. SenCity will conduct pilots in the central square and in the Hatanpää main road. In both instances, urban lighting is rendered intelligent and existing infrastructure is complemented with necessary data transfer and collection solutions. In the Hatanpää pilot, a specific focus is on the use of wireless lighting control for the transfer of sensor data. In the city’s main square, a colour controllable DMX system, which can be used to create atmospheric lighting, is being installed. During the summer, the square hosts numerous concerts and other events. In everyday use, both the main square and the Hatanpää road serve especially the needs of public transport. In these sites, many opportunities have been identified for the development of services and solutions that utilize data.