The SenCity project is building a smart LED lighting and digital service platform in six Cities in Finland. The SenCity project pilots smart outdoor lighting in different kinds of urban environments. Electric supply and communication available in centrally located smart lighting attracts other solutions, such as data gathering or base station installations, to be integrated with lighting infrastructure. Common to lighting and these technologies, is the need to be located where people move and act in the cities.

The SenCity activities focus on three aspects:

  1. to study users’ needs and experiences of intelligent lighting,
  2. to develop and test new technologies such as sensing, data analysis and communication needed for user-centric designs and services, and
  3. to generate business opportunities for smart, data-based services.

In the pilots, the aim is to employ lighting infrastructure as a service platform - an IoT backbone - in intelligent cities. Together, separate pilots in six cities around Finland create a living lab ecosystem for developing and testing innovative solutions in the future. The SenCity project group consists of collaborating research institutions, cities, and companies in lighting and ICT fields.