A new LED lighting has been installed along the Kalkkimäenrinne road in the city of Salo. This lighting also collects data on both the volume of traffic and the temperature and condition of the road surface through images. This information can be utilized for road maintenance purposes. Furthermore, the lighting is controlled accordion to actual usage. In this manner, an efficient and safe lighting for road users can be achieved. Within the SenCity project, feedback has been gained on this new lighting through a multi-phase survey. In this way, the locals have an opportunity to have their say on future urban lighting design in Salo.

We have also built a website that showcases through charts and simulation the ways in which lighting control has been tested in Kalkkimäenrinne road. You can access this site here.



In the Sencity project, a website called City Monitor has been built to present current information relating to the city of Salo. The City Monitor site will also be developed further based on user feedback. The City Monitor is a window into the city’s systems, events and information. People can gain up-to-date information on, for example, concerning the urban lighting in the city, how much energy is being spent, what is the condition of the roads, and when and where there are events in the city. Through the City Monitor, you can also give feedback, read others locals’ or visitors’ thoughts, and participate in developing the environment. You are welcome to explore the City Monitor, and to give feedback!