Our pilot site in Lahti is the historically interesting Satamaraitti, the Harbour Promenade. The promenade between the Sibelius Hall and the Sports Centre is being developed into an active leisure area for locals and turists. The area is a popular for outdoor recreation spot and during ice hockey matches and expos. During the summer, the area is enlivened by the activities in the harbor as well as numerous events.

The entire lighting for the harbor promenade is being renewed, and during the building phase, the local infrastructure is improved through the addition of optic fiber cables and sensors. Furthermore, an open WiFi network will be built in the area. In addition to an intelligently controlled basic lighting, there will be an addition of a DMX based RGBW lighting which can be used to add the experiential and atmospheric features in the area in dark times of the day or year. The colours and dynamics of light can also be used to for communicative purposes, and for encouraging visitors to exercise with, for instance, gamified applications.

The people of Lahti have participated actively in the development of the area during various occasions. The history of the area was a specific focal point in this participatory process. In the SenCity project, an augmented reality based history application has been piloted in the promenade. Also, a lighting installation, designed to evoke memories of the local railway history, is built where railway tracks used to run.

Elävä satamaraitti -workshop

Kurkkaa lahden historiaan -application

Raidekaikuja light art